Saturday, July 24, 2004

Where the Sam Hill are we? We have a view of a snow-capped mountain and yet our thermometer reads 110 degrees!  We went for a paddle on the Columbia River and felt the HOT breeze in our face.  We are actually on Sam Hill's land.  He's the one who built the replica of Stonehenge you saw in an earlier post.  And, he turned his mansion on the hill into an Art Museum, complete with Rodin sculptures.  It certainly does make one turn around and say "Where the Sam Hill are we?" We got up early today to drive up the hill and catch a glimpse of Mt. Adams in the morning light.  Still pretty hazy, but you can certainly see the mountain. We're supposed to be able to see 4 mountains from here.  We could see 2 - Mt. Hood and Mt. Adams.  The other 2 were hiding. On the way back, we stopped at an overlook where we could see our campground down by the river.  Here I am taking a photo. Here's our campground. Did I mention the heat?  I think we're ready to head towards the coast tomorrow.  We did go for a nice paddle in our kayak this afternoon, but we didn't take the camera cuz I knew we were going to get wet ... splash, splash.  Did I mention the heat? Here's another photo of the gorge.

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