Thursday, July 08, 2004

Friends! Diane and Andy (see their blog here) left Fort Lauderdale in their motorhome this past January. We left in April. They traveled west, then north. We traveled North, then west. They tried to escape ... but we caught them!! We told them about the conference (RV Life on Wheels) that we're going to ... and they decided to go too!! Cool! We arrived in Missoula yesterday afternoon and we had been assigned the campsite right next to them. They were out and about, but they left us this note, aren't they cute?! Here they are, arriving home a little later: We had a fabulous time just chatting, and chatting, and drinking, and chatting some more. If you read their blog, you'll see that they are much more active outdoors than we have been, and they had already checked out a whitewater rafting trip for us all to take today. Hey! We're game. I guess we just need someone to push us a little. It is SOO great to be with friends! So, here we are at the outfitters. Actually, this is after the river rafting. We couldn't take our camera with us on the trip for fear it would get drowned! So, you can see we made it! Here are a couple photos we purchased from the outfitters. Pretty cool, their photographer knows just when we would be running the best rapids and made sure to be in place to catch these great photos. I know we're not readily identifiable here so ... Jim is in the bow of the boat on the left, Andy is on the right. I'm behind Andy and Diane is to my left. When we started out, Diane and I were in the front of the boat. I have done this before, so I knew that the front was the most fun. Yes, you also get the most wet - but it really is fun. So, halfway thru we switched places with they guys. And I dare you to find any of us in this photo! What a great day! We're all off tomorrow, headed towards the conference at Moscow, Idaho. We will be traveling highway 12 which follows the Lewis and Clark route. Oh ... the river that we ran today was the Clark Fork .. named for guess who??

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