Thursday, July 15, 2004

Life on Campus   Today started by getting up at 5:30am!!  That is unheard of for me.  But, that's what we have to do in order to walk the dog and be ready for the 6:30-7:30 exercise class, make a couple client calls and be to the first class by 8am.  The exercise teacher is fabulous by the way - Lynn Difley, and she has a website, which I really must browse when I get some time!  We ride our bikes everywhere to save a little time.  It's great going downhill. Unfortunately, that's not the only way the hills go!           And, it's HOT!  So amazing.  We're from Florida.  We're in Idaho and we're complaining about the heat.  Aaaaah, but it's a dry heat.  So?  It's hot.   Regular classes are from 8 to 4:30.  All in the University of Idaho facilities with full audio visual capabilities.                 Then there's something planned for every evening.  Last night it was a barbeque downtown, sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce of Moscow, ID.  Pretty nice, and free food:     And, what a nice downtown!  We went walking a few blocks looking at the quaint, outdoorsy shops.  But, wait, what's this?         An invitation?     They had some very nice wines.  We especially liked the Camas Prairie Winery Merlot .   And ... who's this?     Andy liked the Tej.  A wine made with hops - perfect for beer drinkers I guess.    Today was: Refrigeration and Ovens (Jim) Nutrition in the Fast Lane (Chris) Solar Savvy (Jim) Taxes and Working on the Road (Chris) Quartzsite: The World's Largest RV Gathering (Jim) Work your way across the USA (Chris) Traveling with Pets (Chris) Hosting in NW State Parks (Jim)    Then we all went to a presentation tonight on Lewis and Clark.  They went right thru this area 200 years ago.  Pretty cool.    Now it's 10:30 g'night

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