Saturday, July 03, 2004

I'm getting used to this! I no longer am in awe of the fact that I have my own shower with me even though I'm in the shadow of Devil's Tower. I'm starting to take it for granted. When I took a shower this morning I didn't look up at the skylight and marvel at the fact that the magical Devil's Tower was right outside. No, I looked at the crevices on the floor and noticed how dirty they were, promising to clean the shower when I was finished. In other words, I've moved in. This IS home. I'm comfortable with the fact that I live in a home that moves. I no longer do a mental review when I wake up of where we are so that I'll be properly oriented when I open the door. I just get up, open the door and take whatever view I find there. When we're driving down the road and I feel the need to visit a bathroom, the thought 'we'd better start looking for a rest stop' doesn't even flash thru my mind before I simply get up and use our own bathroom. This was the view this morning. I just can't get enough of it. But we did have to leave. Highway 90 is a great road. Look at this view ... Mountains ahead! Real mountains! Another thing I've gotten used to is that all our stuff is with us as we drive. We're pretty good at securing everything. You learn real quick that ANYTHING left out will be on the floor soon. Driving on the highway is NO problem. But today, we drove UP and DOWN and lots of curves, and some dirt roads. I think Jim actually enjoyed it. Seeing how the motorhome handled, trying out 2d and even first gear! I think this is another guy thing. Me? I'm holding on tight. Watching some items in the coach come flying out of their heretofore secure places. Wondering if the brakes are going to work good enough for us to make that turn at the bottom of the hill. This is new .. I'm not sure I like this. But, everything did work fine. Oh Boy (that's what we call the motorhome) made it up the mountains without even breaking a sweat. And the brakes with the brake assist in the toad (that's short for towed vehicle) got us slowed down just fine. Jim had a grin from ear to ear. And I took some pictures! Here we are at the top of a 9,666 foot pass. Yep, that's like 9000 times higher than we're acustomed to in Florida! Hey Dad ... notice the camper in front of us?!? Looks just like yours! And here's our camp for the night. It's a national forest, so no electrical hookups. We're running the generator in order to put up the satellite dish and use the computers on the Internet. Too bad we don't have a good battery bank and an Inverter - we could have electricity without the noise and smell. Well, that's one of the main things we plan to learn about at the conference we're going to: RV Life On Wheels. Bye for now. Gotta turn this generator off and go for a walk!

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