Tuesday, August 17, 2004

FMCA Convention FMCA stands for Family Motor Coach Association and LOTS of RVers belong. The only restriction is that your RV be a motorhome (self-propelled, not towed like a 5th wheel or a camper trailer). I heard there are 4,000 motorhomes here on the fairgrounds in Redmond. Here is one typical row of motorhomes: Every morning we get a newspaper delivered to our door! The Bulletin had a couple nice articles about the event. Check it out here. The organization to pull off something like this must be amazing. 4,000 coaches living here for 4 days. There are volunteers everywhere. It appears like everything is going quite smoothly. Everyone 'lives' in a neighborhood, on a street. We are in Lot 4, 1st Street. Then there is Lot T. Jim made me add the 'DA'. :-) The very first thing on Monday morning was the Coach Connect's 'Get Away, Stay Connected' seminar. Check out this crowd. Y'think people are interested in Wi-Fi? The guy in the orange shirt giving the seminar is Frank Drew, one of the owners. Jim and I might be giving the next one on Thursday. And here's the 'Computer Help Desk' area where people are standing in line to either use one of the computers provided, plug their laptop into a phone line OR connect their laptop via Wi-Fi to the Internet.

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