Thursday, August 26, 2004

Will work for food! One of the attendees at our Wi-Fi seminar yesterday brought her laptop to the seminar and, afterward, Jim helped her with some specific issues on her computer. This morning we had a knock on our door. There she was with a blackberry cobbler for us. Blackberries are soooo good, and they're in season in Oregon right now. Thanx!! Today we gave another Wi-Fi seminar. Afterward, we helped Maria and Doug set up their computer for Wi-Fi for the first time. What a joy! So often we only see the computers that don't work. Theirs was a laptop that was a couple years old so we recommended they buy a 'B' adapter rather than the newest 'G' type. We plugged it in, clicked OK a couple times, and started browsing the Web! Yes! That's how it's supposed to work. Maria and Doug are part of the growing segment of RVers in the 35 - 45 age group. They both had good jobs in Rhode Island, but they knew they liked to travel. The way Maria tells it, they would go to RV shows regularly and, one day, they found an RV parked in their driveway! Then another day shortly thereafter, they found a 'For Sale' sign on their house. Next, they quit their jobs. That was 2 years ago and they plan to live full time in their motorhome 'as long as possible.' They make their living thru various jobs as they travel around. Sometimes working in an RV park in exchange for a site and some wages. Sometimes paying regular site fees and getting jobs in a nearby town. To people who say, "I wish I could do what you're doing" they say, "Well ... DO IT!" Obviously, part of our enjoyment of this lifestyle is meeting people like Doug and Maria. I previously mentioned Kat, who we met here. She's the one who does the beautiful landscaping. But I didn't have a photo of her. I believe Kat said she's been doing this for 8 years! The only thing she'd like to change is the being alone part. It would be so much more fun to have a 'workkamping partner' she says. Anyone interested? Drop us a line and we'll put you in touch.

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