Thursday, August 19, 2004

Too much fun! This time I missed a day of posting, not because it was a boring day with nothing to say, but because we were all just having too much fun. Hardly had a minute to sit at the computer. Just walking around this place is pretty interesting. Here's the 'neighborhood': And, I love seeing RVers maps of where they've been. This one seems to think that the edges of the continent are the most interesting. I think I agree. But, wait, they've missed Montana and Idaho - those are pretty spectacular. I'd love to meet these people! Then it was back to 'work'. Here are Frank and Jim at the computer help desk, helping people use the Wi-Fi hotspot. I helped some too. But I had to get back to the motorhome to do some computer work and to wait for a special visitor! Hey! It's George and Mr. Trek! I've been following George by reading his Blog, Vagabonders Supreme . I don't remember who it was that told me about his blog, but I started reading it early in 2003 when we were just beginning to form our plans to go on the road. George travels alone and he normally stays on public lands without any formal campsite or hookups. He 'boondocks' and he finds some gorgeous spots. If you've ever wondered if that is something you could do, be sure to check out his website - he's an inspiration. He also has a Datastorm, like we do, so he can post any time he wants to wherever he is. This is the second time our paths have crossed and it' s a treat. He gives me some tips on blogging too - like the new 'Site Meter' you see at the left. Click on that little rainbow colored cube and you'll see how many people are reading this blog. Of course, the number is probably abnormally high right now because George put a link to us on his website. Then, the Coach Connect gang went out for dinner. There are also the folks from Palm Creek resort who are part of the group. They are one of the bigger parks with Coach Connect Wi-Fi installed and they help promote the concept. Jim and I hope to spend some time at Palm Creek in Arizona this winter. Here are Mike, Ashton, Lorna and Mike at their booth. Such a nice looking group doncha think? Here's what we looked like later that night at Bronco Billy's in the little town of Sisters, just west of here. So, whaddaya think? Too much fun? .. .. Naaahh! There's no such thing as too much fun!

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Anonymous said...

Chris, I would look out. That George looks to be a shady sorta Guy. Tell George Hi from Steve and Nancy O'Bosky. OK? I like your site and will visit often. If you have the time look at our web site and blog.