Thursday, September 21, 2006

Cool Tools

It's been on our list to wash and wax the rig while we were staying here. That's something that gets put off to the last minute! But it's really important to get it done because we have access to cool tools here. We haven't cleaned the roof in a long time ... and a pressure cleaner does such a good job! Can you see how black it was ... and how white it's becoming? And, a buffer makes short work of the waxing! I've heard some people say that using the pressure cleaner is not good for the roof ... oooh but it does such a good job. What do you think? Click here to take my survey. I'm trying out SurveyMonkey to see how this works. I'll let you know the results in a subsequent post. It was *cold* this morning. 53 degrees! But it turned into a beautiful sunny day. Odie finds the good spots.

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Chris Guld said...

Survey Results:
12 readers took the survey.
The first question was, "Would you use a pressure cleaner to clean the RV's roof?" 6 answered 'Yes", 5 answered 'No' and 1 skipped the question.
The second question was "How often do you thoroughly clean and wax your rig?" It was multiple choice.
No one answered 'Obsessively, it's my therapy'
6 answered 'once or twice a year'
1 answered 'What's Wax?'
and 5 answered 'Other':
1. It gets washed when it's dirty !!
2. No Rig - But I'm dreaming through you
3. It's on my to do list for sure.
4. twice a year or so and never use a buffer..was told never to buff in circles on full paint
5. once a month when allowed