Monday, September 04, 2006

What a difference a day makes!

As dark, stormy and wet as Saturday was, that's just how gorgeous Sunday and Monday were. Here's the ocean and here's the bay When, just the night before, Jim and Jimmy had to do some fast work to keep the dock from floating away. Jimmy posted a few photos on also. Except for a couple short walks on the beach, I was glued to the computer all weekend. I really wanted my clients to have a new program waiting for them when they went back to work Tuesday morning. I'm just about there! And, remember that computer that Jim was trying to bring back to life? He picked up a new hard drive for it, worked a little magic, and now it's even *better* than new! We visited Tom and Betty, some old friends of Jim's, on Saturday night. Got a nice picture of Jaimie and Betty. Jim has known Betty since long before Jaimie was born. Jaimie just started college last week! And Tom sent us some more photos of the evening. I especially like this one of Warren, me and Jim. Warren also dates back to early high school years with Jim. You gotta like someone who throws their head back when they laugh!

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