Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Stingrays and Steve

So much news yesterday about Steve Irwin's (the Crocodile Hunter) death. It certainly was a surprise ... or was it? I think that was the whole point of his shows. That he was facing death every time. "Don't try this at home!" But to get it from a stingray?! Now *that* is surprise. I sure wonder if it's a different kind of stingray than we have in the Carribbean? I've pet stingrays many times. They're very smooth and soft. I remember a trip to the Cayman Islands and we visited Stingray City (hey Mom ... do you have any video?) These guys are tame. You get a handful of squid to feed them and just hold your hand out, keeping your fist closed around the squid. The stingrays smell that and they're all over you. Literally wrapping themselves around your fist, your head, all over. It was fun. I was never the least bit scared. Take a look at the Video of Stingray City that I found on YouTube. It shows what I remember. Thousands of people do this every year. They say that Steve Irwin's legacy is a strong voice for conservation and environmental issues. I sure hope so. I'm afraid his legacy his legacy will be fear of stingrays ... they kill you! Oh well, if that makes people leave them alone, it may be a good thing. Meanwhile, if the network is looking for another crocodile hunter, they'll find him in Florida. Manny Puig spoke to our dive club years ago and he's the real thing. Known as the Shark Man, he also jumps on and wrestles alligators, but he does it in the murky swamps of the Everglades. Here's a video trailer of his movie, also from YouTube. I love YouTube!

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