Sunday, September 24, 2006

Solomons Island

We've come here to visit Pru. Pru is the woman we met on our Fiji trip. When we learned she lived in Solomons Island, and that's where Jim was born, she said, "you must come visit me." You gotta be careful when you say that to us. Cuz, we'll come! Here's the road to Pru's. Can you tell how steep it is? We had to stop at the top and gather our courage (and switch to a lower gear), but we made it just fine. and, here we are all comfy in her driveway. Then we took a walk on the beach near her house. I asked her if big bonfires were common on the beach and she said this particular pile was a result of cleaning up after hurricane (ok, tropical storm) Ernesto. Half of the kayaks and canoes on the edge of the beach didn't belong here - they washed up during the 11 hours that Ernesto blew 60+ mph winds. As you probably know, Maryland is known for it's crab cakes. I don't want to get into any dispute by saying these were the best crabcakes anywhere ... but they sure were good ... now, what was the name of that restaurant we went to? geez - I wouldn't remember anything if it weren't for pictures and this blog! Anyway - we had a great lunch by the bay. Then we went to a nearby marina to visit their trawler. Oooh - nice. Hey, what's this? WiFi is everywhere.

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