Saturday, September 02, 2006

Hurricane Magnet?

I thought we left hurricane country?! We traveled 1700 miles *away* from hurricanes. So how did we end up in the middle of tropical depression Ernesto? It sure reminds me of the night we spend in Fort Lauderdale going thru Hurricane Katrina. The wind seems as strong (that's my memory for ya) and it's lasting a LOT longer. We were rocking and rolling all night - and it's still the same this morning. Actually, the stormtrackers show that Ernesto died before it ever hit New Jersey. I beg to differ. This link will take you to a map where you can select any year and any storm and see it's path - pretty cool. I'm also reminded of when we left Florida last year and Hurricane Rita followed us to Texas. Do we have a hurricane magnet in our motorhome? Jimmy says his windometer has recorded 40mph gusts - and it's not in a position to get the full force. Here's Jimmy taking his boat to a safe harbor yesterday. And here's our scene this morning. Oh well ... we're safe and comfy-cozy. It's kinda cool being in the motorhome and really hearing the rain and feeling the wind - Jimmy said he was getting seasick after sitting out here for a while :-) I do feel sorry for the businesses on the Island here though. Labor Day weekend should be a big money-maker and this one's a washout. I think we're going to go out to breakfast with the excuse that we're supporting the local economy. :-)

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