Saturday, October 14, 2006

Clinton Presidential Center

Our next stop was Little Rock, Arkansas and the Clinton Presidential Center. We've visited several Presidential Libraries on our travels, and this is the best so far. Clinton's motto was 'Building a Bridge to the Future'. So the structure looks kinda like a bridge ... that could link up to the old railroad bridge over the Arkansas river. What was so nice about the building itself is all the glass, so it was light inside. You can't use flash - so I rarely get many photos of the Presidential Libraries - but it was pretty easy here. And, look at this view of Little Rock from the second floor inside the library. Here's the exhibit showing the timeline of the Clinton presidency. Then, on either side, there were alcoves with displays on particular topics like the economy stupid! Each exhibit included interactive elements as well as videos to watch. This is a 21st century museum. Lots of technology in use to get it's message across. Here's a replica of the Cabinet room where you can sit down and use a touch-screen computer for more interactive information. We spent several hours here, and I'd love to come back again! Most Presidential Libraries include a full-size replica of the Oval office. Apparently, each president decorates it to his own liking. I'd love to make some political comments here, but I think I need a whole other blog for that!

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