Thursday, October 19, 2006

oooops - deleted photos

I had a bit of a setback the last time I sat down to blog. First of all, it was 3-4am. I probably shouldn't expect to be too sharp at that time. I plugged in my camera and proceeded with my download routine that I do almost every day. First I select the pictures from the previous session and delete them. I could delete pictures as I import them, but I don't. I'm too paranoid, I have backups of my backups, and I keep the originals until they've proven themselves by showing up both on my computer and on the Blog. That part went fine. The next part is to import the remaining photos. Select them and click the import button. hmmm, I wonder why it's saying 'Are you sure you want to delete these pictures'. As I'm wondering this, like a sleepwalker I click the OK button. Only after my screen goes blank do I answer my question. It said 'Are you sure you want to delete these pictures' because I CLICKED THE DELETE BUTTON STUPID! Staring at my blank, pictureless, screen, my brain began to defog. I wasn't too worried cuz I know there's a way to undelete - I've just never done it before. I google for 'undelete photos' and find a program to download, but it will only work if my camera is showing up as a drive letter. Using the USB cable like I do, it doesn't work that way. I need a card-reader. Time to go back to bed. The conclusion: Jim goes to Fry's electronics and buys a card-reader for $20 (we've been wanting one anyway) He downloaded PC Inspector Smart Recovery for free. And now I have all my photos back. Now I can go back to bed and actually sleep.

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