Thursday, October 26, 2006

Got Electricity?

We don't. At 2am last night, being a little muggy here in Kerrville, we got up and turned the air conditioner on. A few minutes later we heard: POP! And saw what looked like a minor lightning strike outside our bedroom window. All the power was off. Jim got up and went outside to find a completely fried electric connection. We went back to sleep with dreams of being in the shop for a week and rewiring the whole coach costing thousands of dollars. We went to the office first thing this morning and they said they could send an RV repair guy over. Within 2 hours, we learned that this is fairly common - the plug develops a 'hot spot' where the connection shorts and blows. The plug was replaced with a new one and soldered in. There was no other damage or problem. We're back in business for a $90 bill. Whew!

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