Monday, October 16, 2006

Greetings from Oklahoma

We had a nice 'down' day yesterday. Just sat around the campground while it rained and rained and rained. I couldn't even Blog yesterday because our satellite Internet connection didn't work. Don't know why - our ISP blamed it on the weather, but it's just as cloudy and drizzly now and we're online just fine. Anyway - I read a book instead. Finished it! What book, you ask ... The Everything Blogging Book of course. Can't blog? - then read about Blogging. I have lots of ideas now. Hopefully, you'll see some new stuff here soon. Meanwhile, I just think the author is too much of a kindred spirit to ignore. She spent a couple years traveling around in an RV (hey! I'm doing that) She lives in Anchorage, Alaska now. (Hey! I've done that too) She's been a champion of Women and Computers for many years. (Hey! me too) If we ever make it up to Alaska in our rig, we'll have to stop and say hi! Neither Jim nor I have ever been to Oklahoma. And, we can't tell you much about it now, since we're just barely north of the Texas state line. But, hey! We can prove that we are in Oklahoma. You see, when we left New Jersey last month, headed for Texas - we had 4 blanks to fill in on our map that were roughly on the way - Kentucky, Tennessee, Arkansas and Oklahoma: Yeehaw! Look at our map now: Here's the Red River that provides the border between Northeast Texas and Oklahoma. I'd call this area of the country The Plains. What do you think? It's off to Austin today. Bye for now.

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