Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Computer Training Video - Cut, Copy, Paste & Undo

I just added a new title to my Computer Training Videos page. Cut, Copy, Paste and Undo are tools I use all the time when I'm on the computer. I can't imagine using a computer without them. Contrary to how I feel, I wasn't born knowing them. At some point in time (more than 20 years ago) someone showed me how to Cut, Copy, Paste and Undo, and I'd like to return the favor. Many RVers, not all - but many, are new to computers and haven't learned these oh-so-useful tools. I remember one time, when I was tutoring someone, and I nonchalantly instructed them to "copy that email address and paste it into the 'To:' field". They froze. They simply couldn't process what I had just asked them to do. Oh yeah, they weren't born knowing this either. And, if you're over 30, you probably didn't learn it in school. At 9 1/2 minutes, this is one of my longer videos, you will want a high-speed Internet connection to view it, although I do give instructions on what to do if you have a slow speed connection. And, you definitely need the latest version of Flash player. If you don't have it, it's a free download. Even if you're already adept at Cut, Copy, Paste, you may enjoy watching it. Then you can pass the link along to someone else. It's free. Here's the link.

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wanda said...

I attended one of your seminars at the FMCA rally in N. Car. In fact, I attended 3 of your seminars. I would like to e-mail you with a "dumb" question. You can contact me at