Friday, October 27, 2006

Rally - 3 seminar day

Yesterday, Jim and I presented 3 seminars! What a day. Here's Jim 'off to work'! Carrying our entire seminar system. Projection screen in his right hand, computer in his left, and projector over his shoulder. I follow along with all our handouts ... and the camera of course. Along the way, Joline opens her door to greet us! And Scott puts out the Big dish to impress us! Here's Jim during our 'Safe Computing' seminar preaching on an age-old topic ... Do Your Backups! And here he is 'driving' the computer while I present the seminar on Websites and Picasa. We've been known to present seminars individually, but it works so much nicer when one of us is on the computer and one is standing and facing the audience. Besides, it's fun to heckle each other! The problem with all conferences/rallies where they try to fit a lot of good information into a little time is that they schedule concurrent sessions. So, when you're in one, you can't go to the other. We were so sorry to miss Don's VOIP (voice over IP) seminar. But we did catch a little of the experts panel. This is where you can get all your questions answered about *anything* Datastorm. Unfortunately, I didn't like the answer to my question ... I enjoy downloading movies from to watch on our home theatre. I could swear I used to do that all the time using our satellite connection, but the last time I did it I got 'FAPped'. That means that my bandwidth allotment was throttled down to nothing because I used so much. It took a day or two before my connection was back to normal speed. I was hoping that the experts would give me good news, but no, they said 'Yep, you can't download movies.' Hmmm - I must have been using WiFi at other times I've done it. Good to know. Today should be fun, Jim is presenting a new seminar on Google Earth, and we get to attend Don's seminar on Geocaching! Gotta go ... <-- Post 2 of 4 Datastorm Rally Post 4 of 4 -->

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