Saturday, August 25, 2007

200 miles in 6 1/2 hours?!

Little did I know that today's drive would have me looking longingly at yesterday! At least yesterday we were making progress. This may look like uninhabited country, but those 8 lanes of highway aren't for nothin! Apparently, it hasn't rained around here in a very long time. The smog needs a washing desparately. Jim drove thru all this traffic, thinking that might help keep me a little less grumpy. How'd that work out Jim? There was no accident, no construction. This is apparently normal mid-afternoon traffic on I-5 in LA. We averaged 34 mph for over 6 hours! Then, as if we crossed some invisible barrier, shazaam! We were in unhabited countryside again. Just a few more miles to TT Pio Pico. We will find a different route when we head back north in 2 weeks.

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