Wednesday, August 22, 2007

California's Central Valley

Ahhhh - all cleaned up. It's the little things that really count. Like the mini-blinds. They are impossible to clean. I've tried blowing the dust off, using a feather duster, wrapping a cloth around each of my fingers and painstakingly swiping each section of the blinds. Nothing really works. Then Frankie told me, 'you take them out of the motorhome, then you can use a hose and wash 'em' I think that's the best RVing tip I've ever gotten! I just love clean mini-blinds! Thanx Frankie! We vacuumed and cleaned the car inside and out. When I got in it to drive, I thought I had mistakenly gotten in someone else's car. I even washed the dog! We're ready to get back on the road! We traveled on I-5 down California's great central valley. Here's a view of Sacramento in the distance. We stopped just south of Stockton at a Thousand Trails park called Turtle Beach. It's a small park - only 30 sites. Actually they call it a 'fish camp'. Our site was fine, and the view from the banks of the river at sunset was quite pretty. Today we're going to visit my old friend Arynne in Santa Cruz. We'll be staying at a Thousand Trails park about an hour away in Morgan Hill. Arynne lives in a new place since we visited her last and we want to see! She lives in the guest house - her good friends, Maggie and Jess live in the main house which they built. Remarkably, their house was in a newspaper article just last week.

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Diana said...

Great tip about the blinds. Thanks!