Friday, August 24, 2007

Road Weary

Geeez - and I thought Florida was a long state! We've been traveling south in California for 4 days and we still have one day of driving to go! Gas prices have not been as bad as we expected, we paid 2.67 yesterday, but it's still close to $500 for the California portion. I was fine till yesterday. Jim says it's because I drove for a couple hours - I'm only the relief driver - Jim normally drives. I don't think my driving was the problem - it was highway 5 - lots of *nothing* and several stretches of old, broken, pavement. In places it was enough to separate the meat from the bones. Several items that are securely attached to walls just vibrated right off yesterday. The scenery may as well have been a repeating scroll on a movie set! Till we got to the 'grapevine' that goes up to 4,000 feet in the mountains just north of LA. Just look at that smog! We do like the Thousand Trails parks though. Somehow, we've been looking for a grocery store and not finding one for several days. We just keep digging deeper in the pantry to find something to eat. We were down to hot dogs and beans last night, but we had a nice bottle of Cabernet from the winery yesterday! I'm sure glad we have a dog to take us for a walk. If not for Odie, I'd probably just sit in front of the computer all the time. I would have missed this nice hawk - Red-Shouldered Hawk, I think. Ok, back on the road. Only 200 miles to go, then we'll stay at TT Pio Pico for 2 weeks giving our seminars.

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