Thursday, August 09, 2007

We made it to Oregon

Got in to Sunriver Thousand Trails early afternoon yesterday. It was in the 90s. Hot and dusty. Lots of shade in this forested park tho. Very nice. And, our satellite dish was able to find a hole thru the trees at the first site we tried! We woke up to 44 degrees this morning! And I have a cold - feel lousy - bummer. I'll probably go back to bed after finishing this post. Crossing southern Idaho took forever and all looked the same. Except for glimpses of the Snake river now and then. The views of trains were kinda remarkable. Then came eastern Oregon. Can you tell the difference? I started coming down with this cold yesterday, so I didn't help Jim with driving at all. In fact I stayed in bed most of the time he was driving. Pretty cool to be able to do that. I did get up in time to see the 3 Sisters coming in to view. We are in Oregon now! Lynne and John got into Bend yesterday too. We visited with them at their friend's house long enough for pizza and beer - then I needed to take my nyquil and go to bed! We will also visit for a while today - then they'll probably be on their way. We are both 'bi-coastal' (Lynne's term) RVers, we are just crossing paths as we switch coasts! They are on their way back to Florida.
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