Monday, August 27, 2007

Sunny Southern California

We are happily parked at Pio Pico. And, we are open for business! We're giving our seminars here for two weeks. We held our first one on Saturday. Quite a difference from the FMCA - a 3-person audience instead of 500! But, it's nice to be able to handle individual questions. We actually spend more time with the small audience. And, we've had several inquiries already about Internet satellite dishes, and an order for a website! It's fun here too. On Saturday night, we took advantage of the Thousand Trails entertainment. A group called Wild Rose Road Show. Check out their website - complete with video samples of their shows. It was two couples about our age who have just gone fulltiming and are working on the road with their musical act. Great singing, audience participation, and a RV Travel perspective! We hope to run into them again! On Sunday, we took a trip to the coast to visit a friend of Jim's. He and Ron went to high school together in Manahawkin, NJ. The only time they've seen each other since is at the 10 year reunion - 26 years ago! The last time we were in San Diego, Jim tried to look him up, but Ron was commanding a navy ship in the South Pacific somewhere. We were happy to find him, and his wife Ruth both home this time. We had a great dinner - THANX Ron and Ruth! They live just a couple miles in from the Pacific Ocean at Carlsbad, CA. We took a short detour just to see the ocean on this gorgeous day. Today, we're going to the store. It is such a treat to learn that a brand new Trader Joe's just opened only 12 miles away. Oh Boy. We love Trader Joe's. They don't exist in Florida. And, we hope to take a little detour into Mexico while we're here. It's only about 10 miles away. Right in the brochure for the park there are ads for dentists and other services in Mexico!

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