Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Another day at the Rally

The people who do the morning exercise have been at all the same FMCA rallies that we have. We like them so much that we're willing to get up for a 7am class! To find out more see their website. Our first seminar was a repeat of yesterday's Internet on the Road with Jim teaching. Then came my turn: The weather here has been truly California Awesome! 50s at night, 70s during the day. Brilliant blue skies with those majestic snow-capped mountains as a backdrop. We moved to a slightly less conspicuous (and quieter) spot. Still very close to all th action. Still with electricity. We came home once during the afternoon to find a honey-wagon dumping our holding tanks. We told them that we hadn't ordered that, fearing an unwanted charge, or that someone who did order it wasn't getting it. His first reply was, "Well, I can't put it back now!" He told us that their instructions were to dump everyone in our section - about 5 coaches. Wow, now *that's* special treatment! We found a little park on a hill nearby to walk Odie. Here's the view looking out over some of the RV parking area.
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