Friday, February 29, 2008

Geeks on Tour Newsletter: Subscriber #1,000!!

I've been waiting to hit 1,000 subscribers for our newsletter. I think that is an important milestone for our business development. Not that we make any money from the newsletter ... it is free and will always remain free ... but it represents the number of people who know about us and value our information. I think building your reputation is an important prerequisite to making money. Anyway, we did hit one thousand this week, and, as luck would have it the 1,000th subscriber happened to be here at the rally and he attended our Google Earth seminar. So we had to bring him up on stage and commemorate the event by presenting him a gift and taking a picture. Thanks Don! We hope you enjoy the newsletter. And, we had a packed house for the Google Earth seminar too! We just love having an audience! The bigger the better. And, aren't they a good-looking bunch too?!
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