Monday, February 25, 2008

Travel Day

When we left Quartzsite, we knew we would be parked at the Pomona Fairgrounds for 5 days with no hookups other than electricity. We wanted to get our holding tanks dumped, and our water tank full as well as our propane tank. We found the 'RV Pit Stop' that could handle it all! We headed west on I-10, a road we've covered many times before. I didn't think I would take any photos, but these scenes are just to awesome. You see some interesting rigs on the road too. After getting a look at the old guy driving this rig, I have no doubts that he used to live in that VW bus he's towing! I've photographed these windmills many times before, but I still couldn't resist.
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1 comment:

Froggi Donna said...

Great photos! I remember the first time I saw a wind was in West Virginia and I was riding solo back to FL. I came over a ridge, late afternoon and beside me was this HUGE alien looking thing...scared the pants right off me. LOL! Then I figured out what it was but I was SO CLOSE that the size was unbelievable.