Friday, February 15, 2008

Western Gypsy Gathering Rally

It's over now and most everyone has traveled on. We had great weather ... until today. It rained half the night, making for a muddy mess today. There were lots of seminars at the rally, but we never get to see many other than our own! I made a point to attend the "How To Write Travel & Life Stories" seminar by Alice Zyetz. She actually made us take5 minutes and write something. The instructions were to start with the words "I remember ..." What came out of my pen was "I remember falling in love ..." This little composition turned into my Valentine's day present for Jim. I really enjoyed the seminar.
Lynne and John drove down from Quarzsite to visit us for the day on Wednesday. We put her right to work in our booth! They spent the night, what fun, a slumber party! As always, we thoroughly enjoyed giving our seminars. Here's Jim presenting 'High Speed Internet on the Road.' Joline also came to visit, driving up for the day from Tucson. She got to meet all sorts of other people who stopped at our rig during the rally. (Joline is at the left) I love showing people our home. Many of them don't believe we both live fulltime in a 30 foot Class C with no slides. And, this week was extra amazing. Not only did we live in it, and have our normal offices, but people came by and dropped off computers for Jim to work on, we had guests in our 'spare bedroom', and I did some private lessons with a couple people who brought their computers over and we sat around the dinette. whew! We left a little time for fun too! Here I am in the limbo contest: Here's the winner: Yep, we had a great time! THANKS Nick and Terry! I hope we can work it out to be at your September rally in Ohio.
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