Sunday, February 24, 2008

Quartzsite en route to Pomona

It's 400 miles from Casa Grande to Pomona. That's too far for us for one day! And, guess what is exactly halfway? Quartzsite! So, we got to spend a day with our Quartzsite family. We always feel at home here. The last time our rigs were together was a year ago in Tampa, Florida. We were both in Florida for the winter last year. Now, they're headed to the Seattle area and we're headed back to Florida. Lynne calls this being 'bi-coastal!' It's always a treat to get together. And, it was such a bright sunny day, I had to soak up a little of it. Trying to get rid of this cold. Yes, *another* cold! I don't think we've ever been this sick over a season. Then, I stayed home while the rest went to a weiner-roast at the local airstrip. There are lots of people who fly ultra lights. Check out Lynne's blog to see when she took a flight herself .
Jim caught a pretty nice shot of Saguaro Sunset. Ok, it's time to 'stow and go.' We're headed to Pomona for the FMCA International Convention. We're scheduled to do 7 of our seminars there! Thanks for sharing your home with us Dick and Frankie!
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