Sunday, February 03, 2008

Sick Odie

A dog can't tell you just how bad they feel, so you kinda have to assume the worst. Odie hasn't eaten or drunk any water since Friday. I had to take him outside 3 times during the night to poop, but nothing other than a dribble comes out. Same thing when he tries to throw up. The nearest Vet open on Sunday is an hour away, but I believed we had to go. Now we're back home, I'm $250 poorer, and Odie's no better - but all the tests came back normal so I feel a little more at ease. It's probably just an intestinal bug. Blood in his stool is the most worrisome part. We'll have to watch him closely and, if he's no better tomorrow I'll take him to the Vet here.
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1 comment:

Robert Angel said...

Ah, that's a tough one! Best wishes to Odie for a speedy recovery. And to you folks as you worry. Good the vet's tests were normal. That's encouraging.