Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Rally Seminars and Blogs

We gave our 'High Speed Internet on the Road' seminar yesterday to a crowd of about 400 people here at the FMCA rally. Here's Jim showing how we can 'tether' our cell phone to the computer and get High Speed (EVDO Rev 0) Internet access. We have a total of 7 seminars to present during these 4 days. That's a record for us. Here's the lineup, 7 and 13 are the rooms we're in: Mon 10:45-12 High Speed Internet (7) Tue 9:45-11 High Speed Internet (13) Tue 11:30-12:45 RVers Need a Blog (13) Wed 11:30-12:45 Safe Computing (13) Wed 1:30-2:45 Photos w/Picasa (13) Thu 9:45-11 Google Earth (13) Thu 11:30-12:45 PhotoStory 3 slideshows (13) In our in-box this morning came the best motivation for giving our Blogging seminar today:
Thank you for your excellent blog seminar at the Gypsy Rally. You made everything so clear. Using your instruction, we have started our own blog, replacing the periodic e-mails which we have been sending to family and friends for several years. We are so proud of our effort that we wanted you to see it. Thank you again for enabling it. Keith & Kathy at: http://www.travelswithkandk.blogspot.com/ ; Keith Sheffler
Thank YOU Keith! And ... great blog!
We call our seminar, "Every RVer Needs a Blog" and we're working on making that a reality.
I also tell people that I would keep this blog even if nobody else looked at it. It is such a joy for ME! If you tell your stories by sending email to all of your friends, there is no way for you to browse thru the total story. I just love going back to the blog from a prior time and reviewing all the cools stuff we've seen and done. And, what a memory aid! Uhhhh ... what was the name of the park we stayed at that had a replica of Stonehenge? All I have to do is go to my blog, type 'stonehenge' in the search box and I find the posts about those days. Ah yes, Peach Beach - that was the place.
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