Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Wi-Fi and metal buildings

We're here at the Gypsy Journal Gathering and we gave our 'Every RVer Needs a Blog' seminar yesterday. It was so nice to see about 100 folks attend the seminar out of interest in making a blog of their own! Most of the people at this rally are full-time RVers and they understand the power of Blogs for keeping in touch with friends and family. We knew that getting an Internet connection here at the rally would be a problem - there is no 'Fairgrounds Wi-Fi' for us to connect to when we're in the building for our seminar. We have our satellite dish at our rig, of course, but we scoped out the seminar areas beforehand and knew there was no signal there. We made sure to keep our Verizon Broadband Access feature active on our phones so we could use that way to connect for the seminar. BUT - the seminar room is inside a Quonset hut building - made completely of metal. Even though our phones get 3-4 bars right outside the door ... there's NO signal inside. They may have fun ,wooden looking facades, but these buildings are all metal. Not real good for radio signals. Plan B: we see a motorhome parked right outside the seminar building with a Datastorm Internet Satellite dish and we see a wireless network called 'DonsToy'. So, we're off to find Don and see if he'll let us 'piggyback' on his Internet connection for the seminar. "Sure! No Problem" he says. But, actually there was a problem. Just as the cell phone had no signal, the same held true with the Wi-Fi. We had 5 bars outside the door ... none inside. "Network Geek" to the rescue! Jim mounted an antenna on the outside wall and connected it to bridge and router inside - so we had our own Wi-Fi hotspot inside the building. How did he mount the antenna? A magnet!
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Froggi Donna said...

OMG! I love it!!!!!

Traveling Tales said...

The seminar was WONDERFUL I have set up my Blog and did my first posting today.