Thursday, March 27, 2008

Austin and Frank

We only planned one specific stop in our current journey from Arizona to Florida. We had to go thru Austin and visit with Frank. Our RV travels are responsible both for creating this friendship and for giving us the means to keep it. We met Frank through our work with Wi-Fi and Frank's company, Coach Connect. Because of that work, we have spent quite a bit of time in Austin, Texas. It has become one of our favorite cities, with one of our favorite RV parks, and one of our favorite friends!

Here's our site at Oak Forest RV park:

And here's Frank with his new girlfriend, Beth. What a treat to meet her, and to get to spend some time with Frank. They came out to our motorhome and Jim cooked chicken on the grill. The weather is *perfect*. Then the next morning we met up with Frank and his parents for breakfast at the Austin famous Arkie's. This is our Austin family!

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