Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Rally in Tucson

Whew! We made it. It has been a whirlwind the last few days. We drove from Quartzsite to Casa Grande on Sunday. It took us twice as long as it should due to a flat tire which, of course, happened at the most desolate part of the route. Actually that's hard to say since the entire route is pretty desolate. So, we got in after dark, something we usually avoid. So much for the stuff we planned to get done on Sunday afternoon. Then Jim's phone died. He spent Monday morning at the Verizon store trying to get it fixed but finally was told that they had to get a new one shipped in and that would take a few days. hmmm, this is hard. One constant in our RV lifestyle is our cell phones. They are with us at all times. We had our Vista seminar on Monday afternoon at Palm Creek. We had a good turnout and the class went well. Then we had to get on the road after class - 6pm - to head to Tucson where we were scheduled to give our seminars at a Freightliner Chassis rally. I don't think I studied the calendar very well when I booked this one! Another after-dark arrival! Thank goodness for GPS navigation - we made the turns that the computer told us to and came right here. We did actually get here and managed to have it all together to give two seminars and met some nice people. We'll head back to Casa Grande in the morning after getting our rig weighed. I have a few photos, but haven't had a chance to look a them. Just thought I'd post something here when I had the chance ... I'm posting this at 1am. I think I'll go to bed now.
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1 comment:

Donna McNicol said...

You left Q the day I arrived back in the area. LOL!

Sorry about the tire & phone. If I were you guys, I'd pick up a spare phone from eBay and then you'd have something they could temporarily program for you if needed. I kept my old phone when I upgraded last time, just for that reason (or if I lost it).

Hope to see you guys sometime when you're NOT working...more time to chat!