Sunday, March 30, 2008

A Walmart Night

We don't stay in Walmart parking lots too often, but sometimes it just fits. Here we are at Walker, Louisiana spending a quiet night. For some reason, our Datastorm dish didn't want to connect to the Internet ... it seems to have something to do with the power provided by the generator. It's working fine now that we're back on electrical hookups. We're in Alabama now. Well - not as quiet as the Thousand Trails park the previous night! I posted some more photos of that stay on our Picasa Web Album. It was so nice! We left the Walmart at 8:30 am - that's REALLY early for us! Hey, without Internet there was nothing keeping us. So now it's early afternoon and we're already parked at our next destination - Styx River park, we've been here before. It's a Resorts of Distinction park, so no charge! And, there's a hot tub & pool here. Which is where we're going right now.

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