Monday, March 24, 2008

A Cosmic Plan

I love planning. Looking at a map, looking at a calendar thinking about our life goals.


I rarely follow a plan. Plans are meant to be discarded. Except the cosmic plan. Go with the flow and you'll be amazed at what happens.

Like yesterday. Bob called us in the morning because he was having some trouble with his Datastorm satellite dish and was hoping that Jim could help. I asked where they were and he said, "Benson, Arizona." Really?! Do you know where we are? I asked. He didn't. (the last time we saw each other was in Wyoming last summer)

Benson, Arizona!

Turns out we were about a mile from each other. We met and went out for a very nice Easter breakfast. We laugh a lot when the 4 of us get together.

Breakfast was great, the satellite stuff ... not so much. Jim did some standard upgrade stuff, stowed the dish and brought it back up. Nothing. Now he's kicking himself for touching it at all. It was actually online when he started ... it had taken over an hour when it should only take 10 minutes ... but it was online nonetheless. He did some work that should have improved it, now it's not online at all. AAAAaaaarrrrggghhhhh computer stuff takes so much time. We considered staying over another night and working on it again in the morning, but Bob and Polly seemed more concerned with holding us up than they did about their Internet access. I hope they're still lauging? We got on the road about 3 and headed into New Mexico, stopping at Las Cruces for the night. See the map at top right of this blog for more details. Click on 'View Larger Map.'

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