Sunday, March 09, 2008

Old Geeks

Even though the word 'Geek' originated as a somewhat derogatory term, meaning something like 'clumsy, socially inept, bookworm.' We have come to adopt the term with pride in it's meaning of being adept with technology. In the world of RVers, we 'Geeks' are relatively rare, so it is easy to be accepted in this role. But, every once in a while something happens to put us in our place. We recently bought new cell phones that can take pictures, take videos, send email, browse the web, navigate using GPS, and oh yeah ... they can actually make phone calls too. We used these 'phones' to take a video about the phones and posted the video on youtube. Just to make sure we don't get too cocky about our technological status ... someone left a comment on our youtube video ...
"You're too old to have this phone...duh lmao"

Hah! In case you're not familiar with 'lmao' - that means, 'Laughing My Ass Off" Actually, after reading it, I was ROTFL (Rolling On The Floor Laughing)

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Cindy said...

Hi Guys,

Did you notice in Cianna's profile that she is in her 40's? Maybe she was trying to make a joke?

I enjoyed all of your classes at FMCA.

Love you guys.


Anonymous said...

Now that I'm getting older I think we may need to rebel a bit. Perhaps something like TYTKWTFYTA (Too Young To Know What The F*** You're Talking About).

OK...a bit long perhaps but you get the idea.

This post made me smile. :)

Rod Ivers said...

I'm too old to be techno cool as well, but I really appreciate that you folks have these skills. Because of your video tutorials on this blog, I have an RV Blog to record my travels and a much better understanding of the laptop and wifi router as it applies to the RV lifestyle. Do not be offended by these young whippersnappers. They have much to learn about life in general as well as technology, in order to catch up to you folks!

Rod Ivers