Thursday, August 21, 2008

25 Mile Bike Ride

I kid you not! Jim and I pedaled 25 miles yesterday. In the mountains! Here in the Poconos of Pennsylvania.

Ok, so it was all downhill. So what? Is that cool or what? A rafting and bicycling outfitter runs a shuttle to take you and your bike up to the top of the trail. You ride for 25 miles and the bus is waiting at the bottom to take you back to where you parked. It took us about 3.5 hours. I LIKE it! We did have to peddle, it was only barely downhill. The trail follows the Lehigh River through Lehigh Gorge State Park, and the river drops 600 feet over those 25 miles. And, even though lots of people were on the shuttle, once we started on the trail everyone spread out. If you click on the sign picture above, that will take you to the original in our Picasa Web Album, then you can magnify it in order to read about the 29 locks that used to exist here in a canal next to the river so that boats could get back upriver.

We did get plenty of exercise, but the gentle downhill also made for a relaxing day. As you can see from this guy on a recumbent bike. He said, "All I need is a remote and a beer!"

There were plenty of opportunities to stop, rest, and watch the river go by. and even a beautiful waterfall along the way. As always, more photos on our Picasa Web Album ... clicking on any photo above will take you there.

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paulsharol said...

downhill is the only way