Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Bushkill Falls

We're here in the Poconos area of Pennsylvania - it's an Outdoor World park called Timothy Lakes. Or, it *was* an Outdoor World. Not too long ago Thousand TRails bought them out. Now Equity Lifestyles (ELS) bought Thousand Trails. It's tough to keep track.

Got here on Friday, just in time to present a couple of seminars to a few - very few - guests. I think we need a better advance team! We're also scheduled to present again next Saturday, maybe we'll be able to drum up a few more!

I'm using this week to get some serious website development done. Here I am in my work outfit (bathrobe) after my long commute to work (about 10 feet from bed.)

About 3 o'clock it's time to take a break. What do we do? Chat around the water cooler? Get a snack at the cafeteria? Oooh - how about a walk? Ok, says Jim, I know where we can go ... Bushkill Falls - about 10 minutes away. What a life! Got some good exercise too. Lots more photos on the web album. Just click on any of the pictures above, then you can browse forward and backward.

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Anonymous said...

We love Bushkill Falls!

Our seasonal campground, Pleasant Acres, is just about an hour away.

You guys should check out Pleasant Acres, a lot of seasonals. Maybe some would benefit from what you two do! Here is the web site http://www.pleasantacres.com

Michael Lockridge said...

Hmmm. Hard life. You have my sympathy.

I am just sitting here in the dark in the jail unit I am in charge of, counting heads and catching up on blogs. Our county placed this jail between the dump and the slough, since they already had the property.

Pretty, and aromatic! No waterfall, though. We do have some lovely algae green settling ponds.

Thanks for sharing the great pictures, and your admirable lifestyle. I get out of jail in a year and a half, so maybe I can do a bit of real traveling after that.

Always great to visit your blog.