Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Acadia National Park




And we had a suspicion that satellite Internet would be a problem when we saw all these trees on the entrance to the campground. We thought it might find a hole thru the trees, but we're too far north also - the angle is too low to go over the trees. And, there's no Wi-Fi -hey! there's not even any electricity! And, the verizon signal is way too weak to connect. there go plans A, B *and* C. So, it's on to plan D - the local public library's hotspot. We came here just to check email and enter this post, but we probably won't come back. That means ... We're on vacation! bye! will be back on the road day after tomorrow. it is sooo beautiful here!

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Michael Lockridge said...

Ah, Acadia! I found it vtraveling last year. I look forward to an actual visit, someday. I look forward to the photos.

Thanks again for sharing your adventure!

Marstons said... of our favorite visits. Stayed in Bar Harbor at Hadley 's Point Campground and Narrows Two ourside of Bahhhhhhhh Habor. Now to enhance the Internet and Verizon!!!
Roxiegeek and Charles Marston