Saturday, August 02, 2008

Greetings from Maine

We've added 2 new states to our map! Massachussets and Maine. Massachusetts was just an ovenight at a rest area.

Our destination was Rockland Maine because our friends, Greg and Marilyn, told us months ago that they would be here for the Lobster Festival - so we put it on our itinerary. We decided not to wait for the festival to start eating lobster! Marilyn has a big pot just perfect for the occassion. And, Greg showed us the proper way to drink wine from a box! This is going to be a fun few days! Today was the parade in Rockland to kick off the Lobster festival. A true hometown event.

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Alicia said...

Hi Chris,
Well I did it....finished reading all your past postings and it only took me two weeks. I could of did it in one week, but there were a lot of photo albums, vidios and websites to visit. What a great blog you have. I will be reading it every day now.
I am getting your newsletter and joined your web site and have been watching your vidios. I am one of these self taught kind of people and enjoy learning new things. I would like to pass your site on to all my friends and future friends. I think they will get as much out of your information as I have. Thank-you for making this a great adventure and keep up with your work and I hope to meet you on the road soon. Happy Trails

T. McArthur said...

Nice pics.