Sunday, August 03, 2008

Maine Lobster Festival and Lobster Crate Races

Jim has been a lobster-hunter for many years. It's been all Florida spiny (clawless) lobster since I've known him, but his early days were spent catching lobster in New Jersey. So, the Maine Lobster Festival was a must see on our itinerary. Here's the centerpiece of the festival .. the cooker! Oh .. no, *this* is the centerpiece - where you eat them! These are soft shell lobster - you can tear them apart with your fingers - you don't need the nutcrackers and other utensils. Here's a live lobster on the right ... the bright orange is what happens when they're boiled. Does the one on the right look a little nervous to you? Saturday was pretty gray and foggy. But, Sunday afternoon turned sunny and beautiful for the Lobster Crate races. What are lobster crate races, you ask? Well - they float the crates and string them together in a line across the water. 50 crates all strung together. If you are light and fast enough, you can run across them. Like walking on water. But, if you hesitate, even slightly, down you go. What a fun time! They've been doing this for many years. Most contestants only made it across 1-10 crates before they went down in the 60 degree water. It was very exciting when one made the run all the way across the 50 crates ... they got to catch their breath on the dock, then head back the other way trying to run across the same 50. A really good score was 100 crates or more. Can you believe the record was 3,007 crates! And, that 'World Record' had held for 25 years. But, it was broken today. You gotta watch the video to get the full flavor.
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Leno said...

Fun Chris & Jim... My mouth is now drooling for Maine Lobster. I love it!