Saturday, August 09, 2008

Acadia National Park - day 2

Cold! Would you believe we woke up to 59 degrees? Jim had to turn on our heater before I'd get out of bed!

But that didn't stop us from going on a Ranger-led bike ride! It was sooo nice. There is a system of carriage roads on the island, originally built by John D. Rockefeller Jr. No cars allowed. What a great place to ride.

ooooh wild blueberries! And the ranger let us stop and eat some.

We also spent some time at the Bass Harbor Lighthouse. I think this is the poster view for Acadia park. Except there are supposed to be crashing waves. But, the ocean was pretty calm: I told you we had no Internet. Well, that's just not acceptable! So, we found a connection to go along with lunch at the Jack Russell restaurant: And, I even used a trip to the public library as the source of my weekly article for!

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