Sunday, August 10, 2008

Leaving Maine

We are filling in our map. The only states left are New Hampshire, Vermont, Connecticut and Rhode Island. Our goal for the summer was to 'DO New England.' (North Dakota is going to remain the one and only unvisited state in the lower 48) So - we left Maine yesterday and we're in New Hampshire now. The park where we stayed yesterday had a 'Rail Trail' passing right by - so we took advantage and rode a few miles of the Kennebec River Rail Trail. This travel and play is hard work! I'm exhausted. And, I don't even do any of the driving. Everywhere we go, I keep saying, "There's so much more to see, we need to stay a week, not just a night or two." But, we do have a bit of a schedule. We are booked to do our seminars at Outdoor World Timothy Lakes in Pennsylvania on August 16 and 23. So, we make the best use of the time we can. I'm so glad we met up with Greg and Marilyn Gundy for the Lobster Festival in Rockland, but, if I had been able to read their blog post about the area beforehand we might have just stayed there and forgotten about filling in the rest of the states. If you have any interest in the Maine Coast, you really should read this Maine-travelog-in-one-blog-post. Greg and Marilyn visited Alaska last summer and, from reading their blog you can see that they travel the way they pan for gold ... keep working it till you've found all those wonderful nuggets. Now, they're in Acadia, and I'm very envious of the nuggets they're finding there. That's the way I want to travel. I never seem to have enough time. No matter how much time I have, it's never enough for all I want to do. I guess that's just another way of saying that my life is incredibly full. That's a good thing. Greg also writes in his blog about visiting the place that used to be 'home.' If you've ever gone back home after a prolonged absence and felt somewhat unsatisfied ... this post is a great read. I taught Greg how to make a blog ... and I'm sure glad I did! Time for us to move on to our next adventure. We're going to climb Mt. Washington today and drive the Kancamagus highway.
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