Sunday, September 27, 2009

Boot Camp at Gypsy Rally

We got all settled in at Mercer County Fairgrounds for the Gypsy Journal Rally. Ever since we stopped using our satellite dish, we’ve said, ‘bring on the trees!’ Aren’t they pretty?



If you follow Nick and Terry Russell, of Gypsy Journal, you know that they converted a bus to be their home.  They recently bought a new motorhome … we have a hard time recognizing them now in their new home!



The rally doesn’t actually start till tomorrow, but we are teaching our hands-on computer boot camp over the weekend.  There are fewer people than the last time we taught it – it’s nice to be able to give more personal attention.



The headsets are for people to listen to the Tutorial Videos during the labtime portions of the class.


The rest of the week, we’ll be giving our regular seminars:


  • 10:30 Every RVer Needs a Blog,
  • 1:30 Managing Digital Photos with Picasa


  • 10:30 Slide Shows with Photo Story 3,
  • 3:30 Using Google Earth


  • 10:30 Blogging: Beyond the Basics,
  • 3:30 Picasa: Beyond the Basics

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