Friday, September 11, 2009

Sick and Storm

Hard to believe that fairy tale day at the beach, in the bay, playing in the water, with perfect weather, was just a few days ago.  It’s as if the powers-that-be needed to tell us, “Don’t get used to it OK?”


Jim was sick in bed all day on Wednesday and part of Thursday.  I succumbed to the sniffles last night. 


And the weather!  The weather has turned UGLY.  We haven’t been buffeted like this since we rode thru Hurricane Katrina in Fort Lauderdale.  Oh yeah … there was that night in Louisiana this spring with sideways rain.  And the thunder and lightning!  I thought Florida had the best thunder and lightning shows.  I was wrong.


Here’s the weather map for right now.  I drew an arrow to show where we are – right where it’s orange and red!



And, here’s our view of the bay right now.


Here’s the ‘sunset’ last night.  See how high the water is up the dock?


A nasty beginning to a nasty day … 9/11

Jimmy says he remembers being able to see the smoke-filled sky over New York from here.  Jim and I were on a river barge trip in France on 9/11/01.  The only news available was in a language we didn’t understand, but the people were awesome.  I remember trying to find a newspaper in one little village we were passing thru and there were none to be had.  A person we met on the street learned our story (Americans on a canal boat) and drove many miles to the next lock to hand deliver a newspaper.


If you want to see other people’s 9/11 stories, or add your own, I recommend the Make History 911 Memorial website.

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