Thursday, September 03, 2009

Will Work for Thank You Notes!

If we could take thank you notes to the store instead of cash or credit – we wouldn’t charge for any of our services!  This is *really* what we work for …


The latest note came in from Anita and Ron.  They thanked us for teaching them how to Blog.  Not only did they create a personal blog, but they also created a blog for their Square Dance Association.  They posted their note as a comment on our Geeks on Tour Articles blog so you can read it too!


We’re still having fun and enjoying beautiful weather here on the Jersey Shore, but Jim chained me to my computer yesterday and I finally got our monthly Geeks on Tour newsletter published (I still called it August’s newsletter :-), as well as our weekly Picasa Tip.


Jim keeps having to print more Picasa booklets to fulfill the orders coming in, and we’re also up to nearly 600 paid members for our online classroom of tutorial Videos.  So, we haven’t had to try to redeem our thank you notes for legal tender lately, but we sure do love getting them.

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