Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Life at LBI

In case you don’t know, LBI stands for Long Beach Island.  That’s where we are.

Map picture

And, it’s a place to party in the summertime.  Staying with our friend Jimmy Lyon – we just slipped right into the round of parties.


We even met up with an old friend from Florida, Dianne, and her daughter, Carol who are spending some time on their houseboat right here on Long Beach Island.




Here’s how we look at photo albums:


Here’s the beach:



Then there’s a concert in the park – on the mainland:


And birthday parties at Jimmy’s:


And more parties at Jimmy’s:



And, dinner with best old friends’ of Jim’s – Tom and Betty:


We are  just having a great time.  The weather has been gorgeous – hot and sunny days with cool nights.  The food and friends have been overwhelming.


And, I thought we were going to have 3 quiet weeks to get caught up on work!  Is it any wonder that our Geeks on Tour August newsletter isn’t done yet?  Hopefully, no one will notice and I’ll get it done today.  It’s a little quieter here on the weekdays – many of the friends and family

come in for the weekend from other parts of New Jersey, Pennsylvannia, and even Boston.


Oh yeah … here’s another sunset for ya!

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