Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Labor Day party on the River

You’ve met Dianne in this blog before.  Most recently on a houseboat here in Long Beach Island.  And a few years ago at her house in Florida


Now you get to see her house on the river up here.  She invited us to come over for a Labor Day party.  Jimmy decided to go too even though, in 30 years of living here, he’s never left the Island on Labor Day.  Here’s why – all the thousands of people who came to LBI for the weekend, or the whole summer, are leaving that day:


But, we finally made it.  What a cool spot!  You see, in addition to the ocean and the bay, there are also rivers around here.  She is on the Mullica river, we paddled the nearby Batsto river when we were here in 2004.

Map picture


What a great spot!


And, here’s our hostess showing off the view from her dining room.


Lots of clams to feast on – a local delicacy.



Here’s Dianne with her two daughters, Susan (left) and Carol (right):


It’s always good to get around families with kids.  The younger generation gives us a fresh perspective!



Here’s a view of the house from the dock.


Thanks Dianne!  We had a great time. 


and the traffic getting back onto the Island was non-existent!

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