Thursday, May 16, 2013

Colorado Springs and RVSEF Conference

We made it!  2,206 miles in 9 days. That is not our norm.  We prefer to take about a month for that distance.  But everything fell into place, and as you've seen we made sure to have some fun along the way as well.  I added up our expenses ... spending roughly $2,000 all totaled.  $1,200 in diesel fuel, $200 in campground fees, and $600 in RV service and entertainment.
Our goal was this RVSEF Lifestyle, Education, and Safety conference.  It's the same conference that we've done a couple times before in Bowling Green, Kentucky.  We're teaching a few classes, but it's a very small conference so there's no stress at all.  And, take a look at where we are!

That's Pikes Peak in the background (I think)

And, here's our parking spot.

We're just in the parking lot of the conference facility, so there are no hookups.  We're giving our generator a workout, and learning that our inverter works pretty well.  We're here for 5 nights.  I'm not sure we've ever dry-camped that long before, and certainly not for a looong time.  It's good practice!

This is the conference group, just getting to know each other. Some have been RVing for a while, some haven't even bought their RV yet.  They come here to learn what they need to know - driving classes, electrical system classes, water system classes, lifestyle classes, and technology classes-that's us!

There are some real industry experts here, and Jim enjoyed taking a couple of electrical classes with Gary Bunzer, the RV Doctor.  Linda and Howard Payne of RV-Dreams are also here.  We follow their adventures and have been especially envious of their recent exploration of Utah's parks.

And no RV safety conference is complete without Mac the Fire Guy!

We're here for a couple more days, then on to Denver and a visit with Diane and Andy .. and Elizabeth!

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John and Carol said...

Yes, that is Pikes Peak. We are on the west side and also have a good view.

John Huber said...

We're glad you're posting more often, with very interesting info. We're long time subscribers and feel like we know you from the blog. Keep up the good posts!

Linda & John Huber

Janice L Evans said...

There ain't nothing like a gorgeous view of Pike's Peak covered in snow. . .absolutely fabulous! Hope you made it out to the Garden of the Gods visitor center. . .fabulous photo op of all the magic. . .