Monday, May 06, 2013

Florida Caverns State Park

We also recorded an episode of our audio “Gabbing with the Geeks.”  To listen to it, go to Gabbing with the Geeks from Florida Caverns State Park and click the play icon on the audio file. 

When we looked at our Streets and Trips map with State Parks pushpin set showing, Florida Caverns popped out at us as a likely place to stay our second night.  We’d heard about this place long ago from our friends Diane and Andy and we’re delighted to get to visit at last.

The stretch of I-10 which goes by Talahassee is always pretty because of the lush, thick forest all around.  But in springtime it’s even more beautiful because of the flowers.

Brilliant flowers all along I-10 near Talahassee, Florida


We pulled into the park about 3pm and told the lady at the gate that we planned to take the cave tour the next day.  She said, well y’know you could easily make the 4:30 tour today.  We do have 200 schoolchildren scheduled on the tours tomorrow.  Hey!  4:30 sounds good!

Even though we only had 10 people on our tour, there was a family of 5 that included twin 2-year olds that didn’t stop running and talking.  We may have been better off with the school group!  Anyway – it was still an amazing sight.

Entrance to the cavern tour

Florida Caverns State Park - Wedding Cake

Florida Caverns State Park

Florida Caverns State Park-Really Impressive!

We’ve been to Carlsbad, Mammoth, and Luray caverns.  Although this one is on the small side, it rivaled them all for the beautiful formations. 

Here’s our site in the beautiful forest with singing birds.

Our site at Florida Caverns State Park

Happiness is being able to open the window shade on the rear bedroom window!

After a quiet night, we took advantage of the nature trail in the morning.

Nature Trail at Florida Caverns State Park

Florida Caverns State Park

Next, we’ll be off to another ‘Must See’ that we’ve passed by many times … Belingrath Gardens near Mobile, Alabama.


TravelingLongdogs said...

We have been to the caverns too. Hope you didn't touch any of the poison ivy near the trails. We did enjoy the trails but you want to be careful what you touch. Children should be able to enjoy the things in nature but parents should ensure they don't ruin anyone else's enjoyment. Can't imagine why they thought 2 year olds would enjoy the cave tour. Their behavior could have been dangerous for them and damaging to the caves.

John Huggins said...

Great idea to do a podcast. Unfortunately, the level was too low for my computer.

Marilyn said...

Like you we have been in and out of Florida so many times and not stopped at this state park. After seeing your pictures I am going to plan to stop this year. We also love Stephen Foster State.

Unknown said...

We will be stopping at this park on June as we are leaving for the summer and it's all because of your posting about it. Enjoy your travels.

Kevin said...

WOW, the park looks really awesome, especially the caves.. Amazing...

kristy said...

Those are awesome stalagmites and stalactites formation! I also want to try night camping in the forest too.